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Inspection Services

This is for residential one building and price amount is based on heated square feet. Thermal Imaging, Drone roof inspections, and lifetime Recall Alert included in all inspections. Detached garages are not included in the base price. Please select all the services you desire below in order to make sure enough time is allotted for your inspection. Please make sure utilities are on. If not, please call me before the day of inspection.
180 minutes
150 minutes
180 minutes
180 minutes
180 minutes
190 minutes
220 minutes
220 minutes
240 minutes
0.065 minutes / sq. ft.
$0.25 / sq. ft.
$525 plus .25 per sq. ft. above
Homes of this age usually require more time and more difficult areas to inspect.
Lab testing and results included Save money by having the test ordered now so only one trip charge is needed.
Inspectors: Andre Brownlow
Lab testing and results included
Inspectors: Andre Brownlow
This test is usually performed by collecting water from the main tap when possible. Protocols will be taken to prevent compromising the sample.
Read carefully to determine the services you want. Some services are cheaper if performed at the time of inspection!
80 minutes
This re-inspection is only for those items repaired by the seller. We did not re-inspect any item that was considered working properly or was not specified by the buyer's request for repairs by the seller.
20 minutes / test
$95.00 / test
Order this service if you have seen mold and want that one area sampled and sent to the lab for analysis. order by quantity any other areas you want tested. This is not an inspection to determine if mold is present. This is a sampling collection for lab tests.
40 minutes
We will arrive, place the test and then must return again in a 3-5 day period to pick up the test. We will call to get info on getting in to place the test.
Roof Inspection after storm damage
If not performed during the inspection a trip charge is included.
Check here if I have already performed an inspection for you the buyer in the last year.
Bring your service ID card with you and check this box! We appreciate your contributions to our safety and freedom!

Newly Added Services

Cash is king and no credit card fees! yay!
90 minutes
If you live in these areas or counties, you must select this charge in addition to the main service due to the distance/traffic
30 minutes
Tests for bacteria, e-coli, lead, iron, nitrates, nitrites, turbidity and pH
If a pest inspection is requested, please check this service too in order to schedule the pest control inspection at or near the same time as the residential inspection.

Drone Inspections also included

HomeGauge Home Inspection Software

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My husband purchased our first house. We searched for a while and reached out to BluePrint Home Inspections. We were insterested in an inexpensive, quality home inspection and BluePrint was just that. They treated our home like it was their own. The level of quality and detail in their work was impeccable. We highly recommend them. Joana Silva
I was looking for a home inspection service in the Atlanta Metro area. I called a few of them and ended up selecting BluePrint Home Inspections. Their customer service is excellent, and I highly recommend them. They were incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and reliable. Keep up the great work! Milton Chapman
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